NetPortedItems S.L. (NPI) formed in September of 2005 is a company that develops concepts and technology for a new age of digital management of value of any type both tangible and abstract. NPI has hands on experience in the development and implementation of different technology and standards such as:

  • Digital Media Project (DMP) Content Information (DCI)
  • MPEG 21 Digital Item (DI) Rights Semantics (MPEG 21 RDD, ODRL RDD, DMP Creation Model, DMP RRD)
  • Rights Expression Languages (REL, ODRL)
  • Event Reporting (MPEG 21 Event Reporting)
  • File Formats (DMP (DCF), MPEG 21)
  • MPEG 21 IPMP Security Technologies (SAML, encryption and decryption)
  • Secure Digital Content Sale and Distribution Applications and Service development.

NPI has developed the application tools for the delivery of the Digital Shadow Caster Service Suite applicable to a wide range of implementation scenarios called “Digital Shadows”. The first Digital Shadow developed is the IPOS-DS (Intellectual Property Operations System - Digital Shadow) which implements NPIs DSC technology for the autonomous management of all types of IP by any IP owner while at the same time providing associated services and tools by the IPOS implementer.

A second application scenario presently under development is IMIC (Integrated Multimedia Information Centre). In this scenario, NPIs DSC technology provides a secure and powerful means for the sales intermediation of objects whose ultimate evaluation is relatively expensive and complex such as in the case of real estate. Here a wide variety of documentation, presentations and user oriented content delivery systems are integrated in a transparent trust environment between the users and the IMIC service provider.

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